EN2/SEA is providing planning and consulting services locally, regionally, and statewide. EN2/SEA staff resources include associate staff members who are available to provide additional planning, technical, and field support services when necessary and desirable.  The SEA associate staff resources are individuals and small firms that would be subcontracted to support EN2:

  • Dr. Rebecca Allen, Historical Archaeologist (Environmental Science Associates)
  • Rebecca Cull, Senior Resource Ecologist (Sustain Environmental, Inc.)
  • Dennis Hood, Biologist (KDH Biological Resource Consultation)
  • John Kessler, Hydrologist (Kessler & Associates)
  • Virginia Mahacek, Geomorphologist (Valley & Mountain Consulting)
  • Virginia Meyer, Botanist
  • Ken Pence, Transportation/Trails Specialist
  • Andrew Price, Geographic Information Systems Specialist (Price Geographic Consulting)
  • Camille Remy, Senior Environmental Planner (Sustain Environmental, Inc.)
  • Bob Smart, Registered Professional Forester
  • Thomas Wegge, Resources Economist (TCW Economics)
  • Dr. Lars Anderson, Plant Physiologist
EN2 Resources, Inc. | 1024 Simon Drive, Ste H | Placerville, CA 95667
Phone: (530) 622-8740 | Fax: (530) 622-2820
Associate Staff Resources