Jeremy Waites
Terrestrial Biologist/GIS Specialist

Master of Science, Coursework, Forestry, (in progress)
Bachelor of Science, Forestry

Forest Surveys and Habitat Assessments
Rare Plant Surveys and Biological Evaluations
ARC GIS 10 Database Development and Mapping
Wetland Delineations and Riparian Habitat Assessments
Invasive Plant Surveys, Management and Control
Habitat Restoration, Planning and Monitoring

Mr. Waites has four years of ecology experience in the Sierra Nevada, the Cascade mountains and the California central valley. He also has 4 years of ecology experience in systems of the coastal plane and piedmont plateau of the southeastern United States. He specializes in vegetation restoration, sensitive plant surveys and management, and noxious weed management.  Mr. Waites is also a GIS Specialist with more than 12 years of GIS experience starting from 1998 to the present. He has worked on multiple mapping projects using a wide range of mapping equipment, software, and precision level. He has also managed and maintained three different GIS programs from large federal agencies to private consulting companies.

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