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El Dorado County Development Services Department

Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan: Phase I - Scientific Foundation

SEA is performing the first phase of planning studies for El Dorado County’s Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP). SEA is assisting the County to inventory habitat, evaluate landscape habitat permeability, and identify alternatives for Phase II tasks that will focus on preparing a program for habitat preservation, effective management, monitoring and mitigation (i.e., an INRMP). As required by the 2004 General Plan and EIR, the program is to develop strategies to conserve and restore habitat connectivity to offset the effects of increased habitat loss and fragmentation from land development in western El Dorado County. A primary goal is to conserve habitat values at a landscape level to reduce future endangered species listings and human-wildlife conflicts, and to help maintain the County’s environmental values as the 2004 General Plan is implemented.